Since October, I have had the time of my life at each appearance I have made. Every place I have visited thus far has been filled with people who make me feel so incredibly special. I absolutely cannot believe I am already five months into the job I have been working to achieve since I was fifteen years old. For a quick look at where I’ve been since Halloween, check out my Facebook account: Miss NC’s Facebook Page
This past week, I received an envelope from Mrs. Susan that has my upcoming appearance sheets and information. My heart was overjoyed when I found a little extra something in there. I pulled out two other envelopes that had a “thank you” from the teacher and students from Eastover Central Elementary! Each student wrote on a piece of paper and told me thank you for visiting and letting me take pictures with them. Without a doubt, that was one of the sweetest pieces of mail I have ever received!
I have tremendously enjoyed every single Christmas event I have attended! The towns and cities are extremely welcoming to me and each place shows me that the most special thing about where I am visiting is the people who reside there. It is such a beautiful thing to see communities come together to enjoy and celebrate the season. Each place has given me a generous gift that I adore. Ahoskie gave me a bag of goodies and Sesson’s Jewelry store in Clinton gave me a gorgeous crown ring that I have not taken off since!
The numerous parades I have ridden through have been so neat! Every single one of them have gone directly through their downtown area (technically “uptown” in Charlotte) and I always find it so fascinating. Of course, I loved BOTH of my home parades! Raleigh has become my place of residence since I was crowned in June. Our whole little “MissNC fam,” Cat, Hayden, Baliee-Rae, and I, were able to spread Christmas cheer together! After the parade, I met a corgi puppy named Cash who wore a top hat and it was quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen! I also loved getting to ride in the Thanksgiving Day parade in Charlotte because it is home, and I have grown up riding in that parade each year! I had the best time catching up with Rachel Wyatt, Miss South Carolina, and her parents. Interestingly enough, the first Miss North Carolina I officially met was while I ran into Brooke McLaurin walking down the street with my mom to my parade spot as Little Miss Mecklenburg County in 2005. I see the irony in this because as Miss Mecklenburg County 11 years later, I ended up winning Miss North Carolina. It was a great Thanksgiving Day!

I’m so thankful for all of the amazing Miss North Carolina sponsors who have provided me with the most beautiful dresses to wear in and to all of the parades, pageants, tea parties, and dinners. I’m thankful for the many times I am so fortunate to see my fellow MNC sisters and local titleholders- former, current, and newly crowned. I’m thankful for the “family time” that Cat, Hayden, Bailee and I have to see each other! Cat and I truly have grown to know each other more and more by the day and I enjoy every second of it. Being on the “older sister” side for the past few years after having been a teen is the greatest gift of all. I have so many wonderful friends because of this loving organization and I could never picture a life without the people I have met, places I have been, experiences I have encountered, and lessons I have learned. I am also thankful for not only my friends and sisters, but also those who have helped me accomplish my goals and reach farther. Every local committee I have been lucky enough to be apart of has embraced me over the years and especially throughout my time as Miss North Carolina. They have continued to support me and in return, I have been trying to do my part in giving back! The state committee has helped me succeed in so many different areas, and they have challenged me to grow beyond what I ever imagined. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities they have created for me! Thank you to my sisters, the directors, sponsors, and pageant family for the love and support I have received. Thank you to my parents, siblings, and family for understanding my busy schedule throughout this holiday season, and for always being very encouraging and uplifting in all that I do. I don’t know what I would ever do without you. Especially my sweet, kind, selfless mom, who has accompanied me to many appearances and no matter what, she always has my back.

I am a little under half way through this extraordinary year, but I can assure you all that I’m not half way done with all that I want to do for our great state and organization. Please make sure to follow not only me throughout the remainder of my year, but also the newly crowned girls in the class of 2017! I’m so proud of each and every one of them.

God Bless & Happy Holidays!
McKenzie Jade Faggart
Miss North Carolina 2016