Could you be a titleholder in the Miss America Organization?

Why not?

So often the public sees titleholders only as what they take away from a final night broadcast of a state or national pageant believing that is all there is to being a titleholder.  Seeing what essentially is only the ceremony of a real-life job, many young women think it is something they cannot do or are not the type of young woman to participate in it. It is so much more.  As a matter of fact it is not unlike the Olympics. Many watch the games, especially children, and see athletes as untouchable ideals. They do not see the”before” and rarely see the “after”.

I am Miss North Carolina, but Miss North Carolina is certainly not all-encompassing of who I am.  I am one member of a functioning family all of whom have careers, work hard, and enjoy spending time together.  As a family we all have common interests we share and activities we enjoy. From family dinner to church and traveling, we are a typical American family.  We each have our own individual interests and friends who share those interests. As I said, we all work too. Both of my parents work full-time, as do I. Taking on the job of Miss North Carolina means I have the unique opportunity to merge my passions into a full-time position. All of these aspects of life I love and take very seriously.  I also take very seriously the opportunities I have to serve as a mentor to other young women; I most especially cherish the relationships I have with our state teen, Carolina Credle, and my Carolina Princess, Emma Reese Moore.

Each day I wake up as Miss North Carolina is a new adventure.  Day in and day out, I realize every experience I’ve had, individual I’ve connected with, and challenge I’ve accepted has prepared me to take the day.  Often times I recall our Miss America 2017, Savvy Shields, explaining that the woman she is today is a direct product of the people who have walked into her life.  Now, as I face adventures and challenges each day as Miss North Carolina, I realize how correct she is. Everytime I bend down to connect with a mini superhero or tiny princess at the a children’s hospital I remember dance teachers who took the time to connect with a tiny Laura in a tutu. Everytime I shake the hand of a brave man or woman serving in our armed forces I remember my grandpa’s stories of his time in the service. Everytime I stand up to speak to a crowded room of high schoolers about financial responsibility I remember the first lesson I, myself, had in the subject.


So could you be a Miss America titleholder?  Of course you can! I am Miss North Carolina and I am very proud of that.  I am preparing to launch the rest of my life, but what has prepared me to do that, to do this job, is my life.  The experiences I have every day that are not uncommon for any young woman prepared me to serve the state in capacity such as Miss North Carolina; one who is relevant to everyday young women pursuing high ideals and defined goals.  The organization itself teaches you so much about health, about community, and about the people with whom you share the world. Seeing young women like me celebrated by an organization brought me here. Maybe you should think about it as well?  It’s not preparation…it’s living!