The Miss America Organization provides scholarship rewards for educational purposes to young women who learn from the programs many facets; those that have the potential to empower young women and those that indeed challenge them greatly.  This is not a giveaway of funds by any means.  This is a comprehensive learning experience wherein a young woman through service, leadership, and, yes, even trepidation, learns life lessons in many ways more valuable than any taught in the confines of a classroom.  For this, and rightfully so, she earns scholarships to further her education in the hopes of positioning her in a chosen career where all the lessons taught from the organization are applicable or can be applied to make her more valuable in the workplace as well as the home and society.

My own experiences with the Miss America Organization have taught me very poignant lessons about life, about the business world, about my chosen career field, and about who I am.  To reach the point I have within the program I have had to learn self-discipline, time management, principles of business, prioritization, diplomacy, acceptance of what I cannot change, strength to change what I can, and, of course, as the Serenity Prayer allows, the wisdom to know the difference.  I have learned the beauty of people, the value of networking, the constitution of sisterhood, and power to endure harsh critiques. Grateful I will always be for the learnings that come from the Miss America Organization as they are lessons learned by young women like myself at an early age.

I will forever advocate the scholarship funding earned by the young women; the sisterhood on levels of the Miss America

Organization because it is earned money.  Nearly $23,000 in scholarship money has been applied to my student loans allowing me to begin my career and or graduate studies free from debt.  For that I will always be grateful.  It was not given to me.

I encourage every young woman to take advantage of teachings of the Miss America Organization

and garner those scholarship dollars.  Simultaneously you will earn scholarship dollars and receive an uncommon and unparalleled education.  If you did not know before, you will learn who you are, how strong you are, and how powerful other women around you are.  I learned the Miss America Organization.  I can proudly say every cent of scholarship money I received, I earned.  Come learn…and come earn.

I would like to formally thank every person who contributes to the North Carolina Educational Scholarship Fund. You all prepare great women for the world and prepare the world for great women.

David Clegg

Dana Reason and Vikki Earp

Elizabeth Williams-Taylor

Connie Dorn Rist

Susan Googe

Trish Dawson

Cora Godwin

Sandra Beck

Saralyn Corbett Gillikin

Dreisa Sherill

Sue Ann Forest

Kelly Fletcher

Janet Ward Black

Karen Bloomquist Elson

C. Wayne Hicks

Janie Barbee

Kim Best Laverick

Bryan Parker

Gary Hurst

Victoria Baskett

Mike and Debra Golden

Phyllis Hicks

Jeanne Swanner Robertson

Sandy Cyphers

Julie Caudle Fields

Jackson Stancil

R.E. and Bonnie Everett

C. David and Joan Ward

McNeil and Sandra Chestnut

Wade and Dana Stephenson Dixon

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Charles Pimble

Dan and Sunday Allen

And all the forever Miss North Carolina’s and titleholders whose shoulders I stand on while continuing the legacy of sisterhood

Thank you.