Hello fall weather! I’ve missed you for a year and have been awaiting your arrival!

I am a sweater gal, however, I feel as though “fall” has so far been summer in darker colored clothes trying to get away with wearing jeans. I have so enjoyed this past month.

My schedule has been jam packed with fun events and places to travel! It has varied from hugging a mule, to kissing a flounder, to service work, to festivals, to football games, to pageants, to charity events, to sponsor visits, to heavy vest wearing, to family time, to speaking about my platform and dancing. There is not a single moment of the past month that I did not count my blessings and thank God for being so in control of my life.

My favorite pieces of the month have been the service work. Giving back has been number 1 on my agenda since the start of competing within the Miss America Organization. It is one of the four points of the crown, but it is also imperative to understand the concept of the crown being about so much more than smiling and waving. As we all had kept up with the news and read countless posts and articles about the events in Charlotte, it was a privilege to return to my home and be a light within the community with my fellow Miss North Carolina sisters (Kylee RusselL – Miss Mount Holly 2016, DeAndra Easter – Miss Belmont 2016, Savannah Mayes – Miss Gastonia’s Outstanding Teen 2017). I created a video of the events and encounters of the day and instead of me typing a book about what happened. I believe it would be extremely affective to watch, listen, and read the Facebook post that was made. Also, I truly enjoyed volunteering in the areas where flooding damaged the community. I did my part to lend a hand in any way that I could. I took food donations to Mackenzie’s Food Bank in Goldsboro, and took waters, clothes, blankets, diapers, and more to two locations in Lumberton.

I love the many festivals and fairs that North Carolina has! I felt fortunate this year to have been given the chance to attend so many of them. Kissing a dead flounder fish at the Seafood Festival was definitely something I would not have even attempted if it weren’t for the Miss North Carolina traditions. Mrs. Rhonda Whaley and I went on another road trip together, but this time it was to Cherokee, NC! I can honestly say that those few days spent with Mrs. Rosie McCoy, Tsini McCoy, Jon Vance, Jeff Jones, Danyel and Austin Phelps, Rachel Mower – Miss Shelby, Jordan West – Miss Blue Ridge Valley, Savannah Coffey – Miss Blue Ridge Valley’s OT, Logan Potts – Miss Asheville’s OT, sweet Carolina Princesses, and a few very organized moms will continue to remain one of the highlights of this year!! We had the best time together and everything was full of fun and joy. I learned many extraordinary traditions that the reservation has kept alive throughout the years. Austin and I judged the Miss Cherokee pageant and I felt honored to have been asked to select the next girl who would serve as a representative for their tribe. We toured beautiful sights of historical villages. The girls and I had a night of excitement and adrenaline riding rides at the fair. We did what all girls do while on vacation… we shopped! Breakfast at Peter’s Pancakes was to die for. Tsini allowed us to try on her GORGEOUS traditional cinnamon feather cape. We had breakfast in the hotel with Chief Patrick Lambert and he was very engaging and answered every question we had about the tribe and its history. It was such a great week that I will forever cherish!

If you follow my social media at all, then you probably see my many posts about UNC Charlotte because I love my Forty-Niner family! The weekend of Homecoming, I was actually supposed to be at the Scuppernong River Festival, but due to the flooding, the festival was cancelled. Mrs. Beth, Mrs. Susan, Danielle Terrell “Deez” – my dance team coach, and Mr. Nick Konawalik – part of the athletic department, made it possible for me to attend the game on such short notice and it was incredible!! I was able to walk in the night light parade through campus with the Charlotte 49ers Gold Dusters Friday night and that made me so happy because I got to walk with my pretty poms. Saturday was such a fun game day! Participating in the Niner Walk to lead in the team to the stadium, watching pre-game show behind the field goal, standing on the field as the Homecoming King and Queen were announced, and watching the second half of the game in a “special person” box were all things that reminded me just how much I love my school. It was really neat being up in the box because I met some very important people! I was standing talking to a man who was asking questions about Miss North Carolina and when he asked my name, he said he was Chancellor Philip Dubious! Not long after, Mrs. Judy Rose (the athletic director, also the lady who brought football to UNCC and made it possible) came up to me and said hello, but what was even cooler was that she knew me by name and talked about how proud she was of my accomplishments, and then she offered me the cutest spirit bow that her sister handmade and it’s my new favorite accessory.

Mrs. Dana Stephenson Dixon accompanied me to UNC Chapel Hill to attend A Tasteful Affair, which benefitted the Ronald McDonald House! I served on the judges panel to taste and score various delicious meals and desserts. It was such a neat event!

My brother and sister both made CFA’s Homecoming court, and I was so happy that I was able to attend! I even fixed Maddie’s hair and make up and escorted Dillon, and got to watch them BOTH win!!

I’m so thankful to the many MissNC sponsors. I got a beautiful white faux fur from Frox, an adorable pair of black booties from Main and Taylor, a gorgeous gown from Jewel’s Formals to wear to Miss Randolph County and during a photoshoot with Cat and Kevin downtown Raleigh, and had my monthly shopping spree at Cousin Couture! I even visited Pixton Desgins on the way home from McDoeell to be measured for a beautiful parade outfit being made!

Leadership Day at Fort Bragg was incredible!! I always enjoy learning more and more about the daily life of our men who selflessly serve our great country.

I had so many opportunities to speak to youth about The SAFE Project and even taught a Master Class with McKenzie!! Go check out my video, please!


This past month has been nothing less than amazing! Be sure that you’re following my social meeting profiles so that you can keep up with my year and see what Miss NC is up to!

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