Elk, Flounder, and a Grocery Cart (Oh My!)
What an adventure the past few weeks have been! From the beautiful mountains of Cherokee to the eastern shores of Morehead City, I have enjoyed countless once in a lifetime experiences as the 80th Queen of the Tar Heel State. But here are just a few of the highlights that either made me laugh or stand in amazement that I had the opportunity to witness or experience it.
I began the month of October in the most western county of our state, Cherokee, and what an adventure it was! I’m so thankful to have had my business manager Susan Williams’ daughter, Alex to escort me on this four day journey. My white Dunn Benson Ford Fusion was packed to the max with not only what I would need for Cherokee, but for the seven appearances that followed my return. During my stay, I was showered with generosity and kindness. Thank you, Rosie McCoy and the Tribal Council for inviting me to experience the beauty of your culture. My favorite moment was when we encountered a herd of elk on the way to my photo shoot. If you follow me on social media, you know how fascinated I was by these creatures! I had no idea we had elk in North Carolina. They were huge and unafraid. This was their home. Nature has a great way of reminding us that we are all created for a purpose and are each given the same opportunity to make a difference in the world. It’s just up to us in how and when we use our gifts.
Another animal made an impact on me this month: a flounder. Granted, I have been a fisher-woman my whole life, but I’ve never kissed one before! A tradition is a tradition, and I was thrilled to fulfill the task that has been given to the previous twenty Miss NC’s of kissing and tossing the ceremonial flounder at the NC Seafood Festival. I may or may not have successfully tossed the fish into the frying pan…but I put forth a valiant effort!  It was an experience I will not soon forget.
Lastly, the grocery cart. This was no ordinary parade vehicle! Since I was crowned four months ago, I have been so looking forward to the NC Strawberry Festival (which is in the spring) so I could ride in the parade in the NC Department of Agriculture Grocery Cart. To my surprise and delight, I was given the opportunity to ride in it five months early in the NC State Fair Military Appreciation Parade! All week leading up to the parade I had been told I was going to ride in the Department of Agriculture Truck…and that still would have been fantastic. However, I really wanted to ride in the Grocery Cart because of what it means to our state and my Miss NC Sisterhood. Agriculture is the beating heart and number one industry of North Carolina. What would have normally been an only once in a lifetime experience, I will now say at the end of my reign I had the privilege of accomplishing twice. Thank you to the NC State Fair and the NC Department of Agriculture for helping check a Miss North Carolina Bucket List item off the list. I had the best view of our incredible State Fair from the top of a Grocery Cart!
With four months under my sash and eight more months to go, I can’t hardly wait to see what amazing opportunities are yet to come.
As always, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I endeavor to serve our state to the best of my abilities.
All my love,