April showers certainly brought May Flowers!

I have to admit, I thought the schedule as Miss NC would slow down and that I may be kind of bored as June and the end of my reign approached. BOY was I wrong! I have been going nonstop, which is wonderful because that way I don’t have time to get upset when I realize I am only Miss NC for one more month.

May has been filled with heart-warming appearances thus far. One of my favorites was being able to see my #Add25 challenge with the Poe Center come full circle at Penny Road Elementary School. They earned the Poe Mania program featuring me and it was so much fun. I got to host a game show type of program that taught the children all about being healthy and nutritious. I loved being able to interact with them!

I also got to visit Chadbourn for the famous Strawberry Festival! This was certainly a highlight of my year. Not to mention I really love strawberries! I met the amazing Ms. Causey, aka Ma Strawberry, and all of the lovely people who make the festival possible each year. I love supporting NC Agriculture so I LOVED riding in the huge shopping cart with my new buddy, Chester. I was showered with gifts the whole time and I am so appreciative to everyone, especially Collier’s Jewelry for the beautiful pearls and amazing gift basket. I got to spend the weekend with Mrs. Susan Riggs whom I love dearly and met some incredible people. It was a berry good time ☺

Harold Garner traveled with me to Charlotte for the Miss Avante Rehabilitation Center Pageant. This was a truly amazing appearance for me. I got to see some very beautiful women inside and out compete for the title of Miss Avante and on top of that, I had the difficult task of choosing a winner. Their spirit was infectious and I left that day with a new appreciation for life and a full heart.

Last Saturday was the Old Timey Days Festival, which was awesome as well. I got to meet a lot of nice people in the town of Seven Springs, see some cool tractors, and hear some great music. I love small towns in rural North Carolina so it felt like home to me. That evening I got to speak at the NC Association of Teacher’s Assistants annual dinner in Raleigh. This was a great opportunity because I am so passionate about education and I believe that TAs are essential in classrooms. It was an honor to be able to personally thank them for everything they do for our NC children.

Over the next few weeks, my schedule consists of recording my farewell, working on my new tap dance, picking out gowns for Miss NC week, the Sampson County Champions Banquet, White Lake Water Festival, a CMN fundraiser, and a Chick Fil A Sponsor visit! We are going out with a bang, people!

Wishing this last month would last a lifetime, I am soaking up every single second of holding this prestigious title. It is crazy, busy, tiring, fun, exhilarating, amazing, everything, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Summer!