carolina princess

Carolina Princess Program

The Carolina Princess Program is established for young ladies ranging in age from 6 to 12. Carolina Princesses are encouraged to join their mentor in as many appearances, volunteer opportunities and other events as possible. Carolina Princesses are present the week of the Miss North Carolina/Miss NCOT Pageants, participating in the production as well as attending promotional events with their mentor. The main goal of the Carolina Princess Program is to enable Carolina Princesses to have better insight to The Miss North Carolina/ Miss NCOT Pageants and to learn what the Miss America program is all about.

Carolina Princesses begin their mentorship with Miss North Carolina contestants and Outstanding Teen contestants at the local level.  To find where your daughter may become involved in the Carolina Princess Program,  please visit the local competition you are interested in competing in and contact the local director.

For information on our state Carolina Princess Program, please contact Lisa Messick at